Monday, June 7, 2010

Cheley Colorado Camps

Ahhh Summer.... : ) you make you SO happy! With the tanning burning, freshly - squeezed lemonade and hours spent splashing friends in the nearby pool. But the highlight of all my summers from the summer of 2006, since Lower Chipeta (out of Lower Chipeta, Chipeta, Senior Chipeta, and GTE for girls and Lower Ski Hi, Ski Hi, Hiyaha,and BTE) I have never been disappointed by my summer camp Cheley. 27 days of bliss and contentment. 
Cheley's activities include horseback riding, hiking, backpacking, outcamping, crafts, technical rock climbing, indoor rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting, fishing, archery, riflery with 22's, and some random stuff in camp every once in a while.
On Sundays, we usually have some activity. The first Sunday we have a thing called Play Day. This is where there is a list of Ski Hi and Chipeta boys and girls under the names of colors. Every year I have been on Red : /. But the colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown. white, black, and tye dye. On the packing list, it is pretty much manditory to bring a shirt of each color, otherwise you'll probably be the color that you don't have ; ) Trust me, they plan it that way. Then that day, the middle units go to the Chapel Lawn. Younger units go to the "Soccer Field" and older units go to the Basketball Courts outside of the Hiyaha Cabins. Honestly, I don't know where the GTE and BTE teams go, but I'm pretty sure it's somewhere between the wagons of BTE. We play random games in the Chapel Lawn. Some get you wet, some get you grass stains and all build friendships and bonds : D.
In the picture to the top right has the Western Horse Ring and the Chapel (the building on the very far left right next to the ring). The lake that is on the far right is the place where we fish which is filled with Rainbow Trout every year : ).
But any way the next Sunday is Vespers I'm pretty sure. Vespers is where all units sit outside and are absolutely quiet and just sit and read, listen to music, and watch the sun set over the moutains. Sometime there are poems and quotes read and sometimes songs sang. It is a time to reflect and appreciate what you've experienced.
The Sunday after that is one of the BEST days ever at Cheley: All Camp. All Camp is where every unit, including Trail's End(GTE and BTE) put together a song and dance with matching outfits that has to do with Cheley, is REALLY funny or both. There is also a them that the all of the Campfire Counselors from each unit make up. Last Summer was Ghost Busters! It was GREAT!!!! Before All Camp, there is a Cook-Out with all units, and then after that there is a dance party in front of the Ski Hi Lodge. After all the partying we go down to the Amphitheater which is right outside of the Ski Hi Lodge. It is a blast being able to hang out with all of the units and bonding once again.
Then, the last Sunday is the Horse Show and Craft Show. This is when you get to see your family for the first time in 3 1/2 weeks. Obviously you want to show them EVERYTHING but you absolutely can't.
Now, every Sunday after Chapel, every unit goes through some type of process to get everyone signed up for an activity every single day of the week through Saturday. This takes til Lunch about or, if it goes fast, you get a break time. In all the lodges there are Ping Pong and Fuseball. There's also a library, benches, and a piano or two. You can also go too your cabin. There are no showers allowed on Sundays, Mornings or Nights unless you're a counselor. We shower at 3 and have snacks at 3 as well, I believe. For snack time, after or before you have taken a shower between 2-5 minutes (you get used to it after the 1st couple days) all boys go to the Ski Hi Lodge and all girls go to the Chipeta Lodge (all units have a lodge). Trail's End go to their Lodges. YOu may choose 1 thing in both Lower units and 2 treats from the middle units to senior units. There's ice cream, candy, nuts, popcorn, juice, and fruit strips. Everything and anything tastes amazing after you've had an amazing, yet tiring day. One of my personal favorites at snack time are the ChocoTacos. : P After you have finished your snack there is only a small amount of time to just hang out until the 6 o'clock dinner.
Now here is the real deal about Cheley, the only reason I really come back every year: I get to be my true self. I have a feeling that the most comfortable environment to be yourself is Cheley Colorado Camps and that is because you get to have the encouragement of your friends plus the inspirational bliss we inhabbit creates a nurturing and safe place to be the person you really are. Show the world that you can shine with who you are and not what you have. Although we might get a little jealous of those smokin' hot neon fuschia aviators, but the real reason why we become sisters and brothers is the pristine intention of our desire to have you here and the excitement of small achievements and encouraging words of wisdom. Cheley is "fun plus"! The experiences never disappoint. It's pure and serene. It's a place where the true self burning within you can release, the tension inside your soul is exerted on everything you do and will forever engrave an imprint on your heart. It is all you make it and more.
Thank you Cheley so much for all you've given me. I will miss you when I'm gone, but I am greatful that what I've experienced happened to me because I've grown and learned from what has happened to adapt to what I will face in the real world where I feel complete and udder mortality. So, in conclusion, I thank you with all my heart. ♥ :)

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